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Press Releases and Statements:

01.10.12 –
Extreme New Appeals Court Decision Allows Enforcement of Intrusive Anti-Choice Ultrasound Law in TX

08.30.11 –
Federal Judge rejects key provisions of Texas anti-abortion law

06.13.11 –
CRR Files Lawsuit Challenging Texas Abortion Sonogram Law

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Center in the News:

10.04.11 – Mother Jones
Rick Perry’s Abortion Emergency

09.30.11 – The American Independent
Pre-abortion sonogram law in limbo, despite AG’s worries of ‘harm’ to lawmakers, women

09.30.11 – Forth Worth Star -Telegram
Texas blocked from enforcing sonogram law

09.29.11 – San Antonio Express News
Supreme Court keeps sonogram injunction

09.29.11 – Houston Chronicle
High Court lets sonogram injunction stay

09.29.11 – The Dallas Morning News
SCOTUS denies Texas AG gambit to enforce sonogram law

09.29.11 – The Texas Tribune
Supreme Court Won’t Reinstate Abortion Sonogram Law

09.05.11 – The Voice of Russia
Texas Abortion Sonogram Requirement Challenged

09.05.11 – RH Reality Check
Texas Sonogram Law Found to Violate First Amendment

09.02.11 – AlterNet
Pushback on Draconian Rick: Stay Out of Women’s Sex Lives

09.02.11 – KFOX TV
Judge Strikes Down Parts of Texas Sonogram Law at Last Minute

09.02.11 – Care2
Victory for the Women of Texas!

09.01.11 –
Judge Strikes Down Key Parts of Texas Sonogram Law

09.01.11 – Sify
Judge Strikes Down Key Parts of Texas Sonogram Law

09.01.11 – The New American
Federal Judge Blocks Texas Pro-Life Sonogram Law

09.01.11 –
Texas’ New Laws Go Deep Today, Especially with Regard to Catfish

09.01.11 – The Eagle
700 New Texas Laws to Take Effect

09.01.11 –
How Would President Perry Prioritize Abortion Legislation?

09.01.11 – Wall Street Journal
Texas’ Perry Condemns Court Ruling Blocking Portions of Sonogram Law

09.01.11 – The Sunday Morning Herald
Governor Seethes Over Court Veto of Abortion Law

08.31.11 – Burnt Orange Report
Judge Issues Temporary Stay in Sonogram Lawsuit

08.31.11 – Firedog Lake
Flurry of Regulatory, Judicial Rulings Block Regressive Efforts, Show Progress

08.31.11 – Dallas Observer
In Utero News: Sonogram Bill Has Been Blocked, But Texas Women Are Still Kind of Screwed

08.31.11 – The Daily Texan
Quotes to Note: Sonogram Law Struck Down and Goodbye to A&M

08.31.11 – Associated Press
Judge Strikes Down Key Parts of Texas Sonogram Law

08.31.11 – Sydney Morning Herald
Texan Court Blocks Abortion Law

08.31.11 – Daily Mail (UK)
Texas Judge Blocks Law Requiring Pregnant Woman to See Ultrasound Before Aborting Her Fetus

08.31.11 – RH Reality Check
Texas Sonogram Law Found to Violate First Amendment

08.31.11 – Houston Chronicle
Judge Rejects Key Parts of Sonogram Law

08.31.11 – Texas Observer
For Women’s Health in Texas, a Week of Mixed Emotions

08.31.11 – CNN International
Judge Strikes Parts of Texas Sonogram Abortion Law

08.31.11 – Ms. Magazine
Federal Judge Strikes Down Provision of TX Anti-Abortion Law

08.31.11 – All Headline News
Judge Strikes Down Most of Texas Abortion Law

08.31.11 – International Business Times
Texas Judge Strikes Down Abortion Restrictions

08.30.11 – Washington Post
Federal Judge Strikes Down Key Provisions of Texas Law Requiring Sonogram Before Abortion

08.30.11 – Huffington Post
Texas Sonogram Law: Judge Strikes Down Key Provisions of Abortion Bill

08.30.11 – BBC
Texas Abortion Law: Judge Blocks Sonogram Provisions

08.30.11 –
Judge Stays Sonogram Law

08.30.11 – Yahoo! News
Judge Blocks Parts of Texas Abortion Law on Sonograms

08.30.11 – The American Independent
Judge Blocks Pre-abortion Sonogram Law

08.30.11 – Austin-American Statesman
Judge Strikes Down Key Provisions of Sonogram Law

08.30.11 – Austin Chronicle
Sparks Grants Temporary Injunction in Ultrasound Case

08.30.11 – Think Progress
Perry’s Anti-abortion Law Takes Affect This Week

08.29.11 – AllMediaNY
New Law Mandates Women to Have Sonogram Before Abortions

08.28.11 – RH Reality Check
Texas Ultrasound Ruling Expected This Week

08.28.11 – San Antonio Express-News
Sonogram, other laws take effect this week

08.25.11 – Texas Monthly
Dan Patrick, Sid Miller denied entry in sonogram lawsuit

08.23.11 – Austin Chronicle
Sparks strikes again in abortion case

08.11.11 – Austin Chronicle
Dan Patrick Denied

08.11.11 – Texas Tribune
Day 11: Abortion Sonogram Law Takes Effect

07.11.11 – Daily Texas Online
Group holds benefit for Planned Parenthood, to protest sonogram bill

07.08.11 – Feminists for Choice

07.07.11 – Daily Toreador
Reynolds: Abortion-sonogram law wrongs women, doctors

07.06.11 – Houston Chronicle
Commentary: Sonogram part of law nothing new

07.06.11 – KVUE News
Texas sonogram law challenged in court

07.06.11 – Ms. Magazine
Federal District Judge Hears Case Against TX Anti-Abortion Law

07.06.11 – Houston Chronicle
Judge hears arguments on sonogram law

07.06.11 – Associated Press
Judge weighs injunction against Texas abortion law

07.04.11 – Star-Telegram
Lawsuits over abortion, redistricting figure to keep courts busy

07.03.11 – WFAA-TV News
Lawsuit filed against newly-signed Texas sonogram law

07.02.11 – CW39- Houston
No Sonograms

07.02.11 – Houston Chronicle
Group sues to stop pre-abortion sonograms It says Texas law is too vague and violates free speech

07.01.11 – Texas Tribune
Group Asks For Injunction Against Sonogram Law

07.01.11 – The Huffington Post
Abortion Rights Group Takes Texas Sonogram Law To Court

07.01.11 – KWTX News
Lawsuit Filed In Hopes Of Blocking Texas Sonogram Law

07.01.11 – Associated Press
Group asks judge to block Texas sonogram law

07.01.11 – Star-Telegram
Abortion rights group asks court to halt Texas sonogram law

07.01.11 – Austin American-Statesman Blogs
Court asked to bar enforcement of sonogram law

06.27.11 – RH Reality Check
Fighting Back Against The Texas Ultrasound Law

06.18.11 – Texas Tribune
TribWeek: Top Texas News for the Week of 6/13/11

06.17.11 – Austin American-Statesman
Week in Religion Roundup

06.16.11 – Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Texas pre-abortion sonogram law is short on details

06.16.11 – Austin Business Journal
Physicians sue Texas for sonogram law

06.15.11 – Dallas Observer
Center for Reproductive Rights Has New Site For Lone Star Ladies and Other In Utero News

06.15.11 – Thomson Reuters
SUMMARY JUDGMENTS: Our daily legal-news aggregator for June 15

06.15.11 – Courthouse News Service
Doctors Challenge Texas Abortion Law

06.14.11 – RH Reality Check
A Big Week For Big Government In Your Texan Uterus

06.14.11 – The Daily Texan
Reproductive rights group challenges sonogram bill

06.14.11 – UPI
Texas abortion law challenged

06.14.11 – Kaiser Health News
State Roundup

06.14.11 – Ms. Magazine
Center for Reproductive Rights Challenges TX Anti-Abortion Law

06.14.11 - San Francisco Chronicle:
News of the Day From Across the Nation

06.14.11 - Plaza de Armas:
Suit seeks to block abortion sonogram law

06.14.11 - KUT News:
Lawsuit filed against abortion law

06.13.11 - Houston Chronicle:
Pro-Choice Group Files Suit over Sonogram Law

06.13.11 - Dallas Morning News:
Lawsuit challenges Texas law requiring sonograms before abortions

06.13.11 - The Republic:
Lawsuit challenges Texas law requiring sonograms before abortions

06.13.11 - Austin American-Statesman:
Capitol Digest: Opponents sue over sonogram law; Senate quickly OKs 2 education bills

06.13.11 - (ABC):
Lawsuit filed against newly-signed Texas sonogram law

06.13.11 - The American Independent:
Lawsuit challenges Texas’ pre-abortion sonogram legislation

06.13.11 - Associated Press:
Texas new sonogram law is challenged

06.13.11 - Austin American-Statesman:
Lawsuit challenges Texas sonogram law

06.13.11 - KCEN-TV:
CRR files lawsuit challenging Texas abortion sonogram law

06.13.11 - Dallas Morning News:
State sued to stop new abortion sonogram law

06.13.11 - El Paso Times:
Texas sonogram bill lawsuit

06.13.11 - Texas Tribune:
Abortion-rights group files lawsuit over sonogram bill

05.25.11 - Fort Worth Star-Telegram:
Rick Perry Signs Mandatory Sonogram Bill, Center for Reproductive Rights Retaliates

05.25.11 - The Stir:
Gov. Rick Perry Assumes Texas Women Are Immature and Incompetent

05.20.11 - Austin Chronicle:
Perry Gets His Ultrasound: Next Stop Courthouse

05.20.11 – Nashua Telegraph:
Group plans legal challenge to Texas' new abortion sonogram law

05.11.11 – Wall Street Journal:
Texas Legislation Adds Conditions on Abortion

02.21.11 – Dallas Morning News: Editorial:
Abortion bill is unwarranted state intrusion on woman’s right to choose

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